Eyeplan for contact lenses

Eyeplan for contact lenses is a convenient way to pay for your eye care examinations and
contact lenses.

Regular eye care and contact lens replacement is very important for contact lens wearers. It is essential to make sure that ocular health is not compromised through contact lens wear. This is one of the benefits of eyeplan, that you know that you can just pick up the telephone and make an appointment any time you require one and it will not cost you a penny more because its all covered under your eyeplan.

Eyeplan for contact lenses is an eye care package designed to meet your specific eye care needs, whether you are a full or part time contact lens wearer. Eyeplan for contact lenses helps you manage the cost of both your eye care and your lenses (and solutions if you need them) through simple monthly payments.

When you are a contact lens wearer it is easy to forget the need for an up to date pair of spectacles. There may be occasions when you are unable to wear your contact lenses or maybe you just don’t feel like wearing them and would like to wear spectacles instead. Well eyeplan for contact lenses makes this easier and more affordable for you by giving you discounts on frames and spectacle lenses.

If you decide to join then simply book in as usual for you eye examination and contact lens checks. Discuss your requirements with our staff. Fill out a simple form to join the scheme and your eye examination costs are immediately covered.

The actual cost of having your eye care and contact lenses covered under the eyeplan scheme depends on your individual requirements. If you would like a no obligation quote then just call in or telephone us. If you are a contact lens wearer already then we can give you a price based on your existing prescription,  manufacturer and lens type if you have that information available.

The Benefits are:

  • Paying for your eye care and contact lenses monthly instead of one payment.
  • Receive discounts on your contact lenses
  • The cost of regular eye examinations are covered by the plan
  • Any emergency eye examinations or contact lens consultation are covered by the plan
  • A discount of 20% on any sunglasses or accessories purchased in store
  • Discounts on spectacle purchases, approximately 30% off frame and lens prices

For more details and much your lenses cost on our eyeplan scheme please call: 0208 657 3525