Your eye examination

What to expect from your visit to our family friendly practice

The first thing you can look forward to when you visit us is a warm and genuine greeting upon arrival. A member of our friendly team will then make sure that you’re relaxed and happy before making the optician aware of your arrival.

While you wait to see the optician you will be asked a series of non-invasive questions concerning your eye health and medical history. These questions are nothing to worry about; the answers you give will simply allow the optician to create a personalised eye examination to meet all of your optical needs.

An experienced optician will conduct your eye examination using the most advanced technology and equipment available. This will ensure that any results you receive from your sight test will be accurate.

Throughout your examination the optician will explain to you what they are doing and why it is of benefit to you. We believe it’s helpful to know why certain aspects of your eyes are being examined so that you know how important they are to your vision.

If the optician feels that there are further tests that you should have we are happy to extend your appointment time. It is extremely important to both us and you that no aspect of your eye health is missed.

Once the optician is satisfied you have received a thorough eye examination you will be given plenty of time to discuss any results. This is the perfect opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have before you’re handed over to one of our knowledgeable dispensing opticians.

The dispensing optician will discuss the different types of eyewear available to you. They will show you our impressive collections of spectacle frames, and will happily arrange a contact lens consultation with you should you wish.

Book an appointment

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